Designing and Facilitating Spaces for Re-Connection

We design private and public spaces, facilitate immersive learning programs and help individuals develop emotional resilience for wellbeing and human flourishing. 

Our divisions, Renew, Gather and Guide, operate in the arenas of personal growth, community activation and leadership development.



“We are in a state of emergency, we must slow down!” We believe that meeting the many complex challenges we face with a calm and collected state of mind is the only way to responsive rather than reactive change. In this time of uncertainty, fragmentation and complexity we must first come to connect with our inner lives, before we can make effective change in our outer world.


This blurring of lines between self and other moves between the boundaries of individual and collective, hard and soft, light and heavy. If we are not embracing the only constant – change – we are stagnant. TBB encourages people to move their bodies, their minds and their perspectives to embrace the ever-evolving nature of life itself.


We believe strongly that we are all whole, and also a part in a greater system or network. We believe we exist in a complex web of life, in micro and macro communities. Understanding and keeping this in heart and mind during all of our work is crucial to embedding change into our lives and communities.


Our vulnerabilities, our quirks and our talents are our gifts to this time. Much of our work at TBB is to create spaces for whole-hearted and full-bodied expression. We imagine a world where we felt safe enough to share our inner lives and express that which is our unique genius.

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Renew exists to give people experiences and tools to live a whole, connected and purposeful life.

We achieve this through our ‘Wake Up, Step Up, Show Up,’ methodology to achieve self-mastery and to help people reach full self-expression for themselves and in contribution to their communities.


Contemplative Inquiry and Practice Circles

Immersive Retreats & Workshops

One-on-One Guidance

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Gather exists to re-imagine and invigorate community in the 21st century, bringing it back to the core of our lives.

We do that by creating public experiences that re-weave our social fabric whilst working with developers and councils to embed community into existing and future developments.


Community Research and Mapping

Community Design

Community Activations and Experiences

Consulting on existing and upcoming developments – both residential and workplaces

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Guide exists to support leaders in facilitating spaces for belonging, psychological safety and ultimately; human potential. Through mastering our ability to facilitate spaces for human expression, we begin to allow our team or groups collective genius to shine through.

Our Leadership Development Division, Guide, designs and facilitates transformational learning experiences for leadership teams to support unique and emotional contribution to innovation and authentic workplace culture.


On-site and Off-site Learning Experiences

Facilitation training

One-on-One Mentoring


If you’re interested in TBB, Renew, Gather and Guide consulting and/or bespoke events please reach out for more information. 

If you’ve got suggestions for how we can grow, connect and innovate together better we’d also love to hear your thoughts.


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